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Creating a new generation of strong role models through the power of street football

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With the power of street football Favela Street creates a new generation of strong role models in disadvantaged neighbourhoods around the world.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Favela Street uses the appeal of this sport to connect with young people. The nature of street football is close to the dynamics of life in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The sport is accessible, easy to learn, has flexible rules and is about having fun with few resources.

Street football gives the opportunity to experience success, to be a winner and to get appreciation for your skills. The accessible nature ensures that both girls and boys want to participate.

Favela Street offers a program for youngsters to become an independent football trainer inside their own community. They learn how to self-organize street football activities for young people in their neighbourhood and work on their personal development by practicing different life skills.

Besides becoming an independent football trainer, we connect potential education and work opportunities to them. They gain several successful experiences. By sharing these in a group, young people see the importance to adopt a positive and constructive attitude. And how they can become a role model for their peers.

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The Favela Street week is an intensive period of workshops and training sessions where a group of talented and motivated young people learn to organize street football activities in their own community. The project is always implemented together with a local partner. Organizing Favela Street events increases the commitment of youngsters with the local partners. Together we create a hotspot where sportive and inspiring activities take place. After the Favela Street week remains direct contact between the trained youngsters, the local partner and Favela Street through a social media platform. This way we continue support from a distance.
Structure through pleasure

Street football equals fun. By kicking a ball together daily worries are forgotten. Young people can be young again and have fun. The fun-factor will be used as an‘ice-breaker’ between the coaches and the participants. Street football brings joy and hope in places where that is not obvious. Young people experience for the first time in their lives how to deal with rules and standards of the sport. By adhering to these rules, the young people develop structure and routine in their lives.

I am somebody

Young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods are dealing with a negative stigma and they feel that every day. Favela Street believes that all young people around the world are valuable. They are entitled to have a better future. Favela Street teaches young people that they have a voice, that they are somebody and that they are part of a community. By doing sport together, sharing experiences and celebrating successes Favela Street is building the confidence of young people. They learn to be proud of themselves and of what they can do.

Role models

Disadvantaged neighbourhoods have a lack of young aspiring role models. This is the major reason why Favela Street creates a new generation of strong role models with the power of street football. Favela Street focuses on these talents and develop them. They learn to independently organize football activities for young people in their own neighbourhood. Because of this role, the young people will get respect and appreciation. They show that you work to a positive future through sport activities.

"I am sole responsible for my future and will always be willing to help people like Favela Street helped me. As a role model, I will use my skills to learn more about different cultures and empower young people where ever I can" - Claudianny Santhos, Favela Street Girls Trainer

Our Team

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Philip Veldhuis
As a social community worker he provides street football training and coaches talented youngsters in organizing tournaments in their own neighborhood.
Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija
“Football has made me the woman I am, it has given me confidence and pride. I want to pass this is on to young people who desperately need it.”

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