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Creating a new generation of strong role models through the power of street football

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With the power of street football Favela Street helps a new generation of young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods around the world, to develop positive and strong role models for their community.

Favela Street fights against social exclusion of young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods andand our weapon is street football. We focus on the talents of the youngsters see them as heroes. Besides becoming an independent football trainer, we connect potential education and work opportunities to them. So they can grow to become positive role models for their community.

We built a bridge with society and offer them the chances in life they deserve. We invest in the community we work in, that means we sub-merge ourselves in the heart of the community. We place ourselves on the same level as the people we work with. That’s how we make the connection.

We live their lifes and understand their situation. Together we celebrate small and big successes. The more success they feel, the bigger their motivation will grow to keep on going. Favela Street strongly believes in the talents of these young people and gives them a boost in their self esteem and self-confidence.

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Our Team

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Philip Veldhuis
As a social community worker he provides street football training and coaches talented youngsters in organizing tournaments in their own neighborhood.
Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija
“Football has made me the woman I am, it has given me confidence and pride. I want to pass this is on to young people who desperately need it.”

"I am the sole responsible for my future and will always be willing to help people like Favela Street helped me. As a role model, I will use my skills to learn more about different cultures and empower young people where ever I can" - Claudianny Santhos, Favela Street trainer


Each disadvantaged neighborhood is different, so Favela Street first identifies local needs, before we start working. Exploring the community is one of the most important parts of our methodology. The Favela Street team immerses itself in the local culture, language and living habits of the district. We make time to make contact with young people on the streets. We try to make a connection with potential education and work opportunities. The methodology should provide guidance to local situations that are complex, chaotic, poor and sometimes even dangerous.
I am somebody

Young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods are dealing with a negative stigma and they feel that every day. Favela Street believes that all young people around the world are valuable. They are entitled to a better future. Favela Street teaches young people that they are somebody, that they can be succesful and that they are part of a community. By doing sports together, sharing experiences and celebrating successes Favela Street is building the confidence of young people. They learn to be proud of themselves.

Sports lifestyle

A healthy body creates a healthy mind. An ancient wisdom which is still true today. Through sport you will feel better. Sport improves the self-image of young people and encourages positive social interaction. On the football field young people meet each other and new friendships are created. Besides physical exercises Favela Street will also pay attention to proper food. Are they receiving the necessary healthy nutrition, and do they eat on a regular base. We also ensure that during the sport activities there is always enough water and fruit for the participants.

Role models

Young people accept things faster from their peers than from their parents or teachers. This is the major reason that Favela Street chooses to train young people as role models. In this way young people become intrinsically motivated and they acquire leadership qualities. Favela Street focuses on these talents and develops them. They learn to organize football activities for young people in their own neighborhood independently.

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