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through the power of street football

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With the power of street football Favela Street creates a new generation of strong role models in marginalized communities around the world.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and Favela Street uses the appeal of this sport to connect with the youth. The nature of street football often times exist parallel to the dynamics of life in these underserved neighborhoods, making it a sport that is accessible, easy to learn, has flexible rules and is about having fun with fewer resources. Street football gives the opportunity to experience success and receive appreciation for your skills. The accessible nature ensures that both girls and boys want to participate.

Favela Street offers a program for youngsters to become independent football trainers inside their own neighborhoods by attain the expertise to self-organize activities for their communities. Besides becoming independent football trainers, we provide our role models with educational and employment resources in order to further develop their life skills.

By sharing their experiences, young people are made aware of adopting a positive and constructive attitude, which allows them to become role model for their peers.


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