About Favela Street


Favela Street creates a new generation of role models with the power of street football in disadvantaged neighborhoods around the world. This new generation of role models transform their communities into a more positive and safer place.



Favela Street’s programs target young people who face social exclusion as they grow up in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Social exclusion means that they have less chance of a good education, a job or prospects for a positive future. Society tells these young people “you can’t play with us“. In addition, they grow up in neighborhoods where they often have to deal with negative influences such as drugs, gang and police violence and poverty. These factors can have a huge impact on the self-image, well-being and mindset of young people.
By focusing on the development of young people, we ensure sustainable positive change in the neighborhood. Because we believe in the strength, talent and potential of these young people, we have created a program that supports them towards a (more) positive future. We teach them practical skills, how they can organize sports activities for their neighborhood as a coach. They develop their (psycho) social skills, they learn to take responsibility for and give direction to their future, they are better able to make conscious and sensible choices, they are less influenced by negative influences. They feel that they are someone and that they can do something. In short, a new generation of role models is emerging. This new generation ensures lasting positive change in the neighborhood.