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Time to Shine tournament 2023

Get ready for TIME TO SHINE on June 29 in Amsterdam!

TIME TO SHINE street football tournament

Women’s football is evolving. More girls are into football because they see other girls and their role models play. There is still much work to do when it comes to raising awareness. In 2022 together with 11teamsports we created the girls only street football tournament TIME TO SHINE. Something that has never been done before in The Netherlands, so it is a big dream come true.


The tournament is a space for the community to have fun and enjoy quality football. And as we know the street football culture is not only about performance but also about good looks. We partnered up with 11teamsports & Nike and created some fly limited edition football jerseys.


We take pride in our Favela Street team and in the uniform, we wear on and off the pitch. These football jerseys got style and functionality, perfect for who want to play sports and look at their best in their daily life.

About 11teamsports

11teamsports is a Pan-European performance authenticator specializing in teamsport services, product, and embellishment. Together we created the current Favela Street collection and jerseys for the latest TIME TO SHINE tournament by leveraging an unprecedented range of Nike teamsport products and embellishment opportunities. With the 11teamsports Brand department in Berlin, which combines conception, content creation and project management all under one roof, we found a partner to realize special projects and events for our community.

Photos TIME TO SHINE 2023

Video TIME TO SHINE 2022

Time to Shine tournament 2022