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Bringing the Shine to Curacao – The First ‘Time to Shine’ Street Football Tournament


The first Time to Shine street football tournament was a big hit in West Amsterdam. We wanted to bring that success to our partner program in Curacao, and thanks to our collaboration with 11teamsports, we made it happen. Our main goal is to give young people a chance to show off their skills and connect with others who share their passion. This tournament is one of the ways we use to build a strong community.


In June, we got the ball rolling with pre-tournaments in four different communities. Favela Street trainer Clayton worked closely with our junior trainers and Future Leading Players, all of whom played crucial roles in bringing these events to life. The teams in these pre-tournaments competed for a golden opportunity: a ticket to the grand finale scheduled for July 20th at the SUBT stadium. It wasn’t just an incredible stage that awaited the teams; every finalist had a special treat in store. They would each receive a unique football jersey to wear during the competition.


With the collaboration of 11teamsports, we accomplished something remarkable: the creation of 16 distinctive jerseys for the final teams. These jerseys were a vibrant fusion of the island’s rich Black Power heritage and the dynamic culture of Favela Street.


On the evening of Thursday, July 20th, both girls and boys proudly claimed their space and showcased their remarkable skills. It was a moment for them to truly shine. As we reflect on this incredible event, we eagerly anticipate next year, envisioning the opportunity to elevate it further, making it even more grand and unforgettable together with our partner 11teamsports.

Photography: This is Tuna/ Brett Russel