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Stichting Favela Street


Favela Street collects financial resources by organizing several activities.

  • Online crowdfunding
  • Organizing benefit activities, for example street football events, workshops, presentations and parties
  • Private donations
  • Business donations
  • Merchandise
  • Collecting funds

The board manages the foundation’s assets through independent decision making. The assets of the foundation are used for projects that meet the goals and it will be ensured that there is a reasonable relationship between costs and spendings.

Remuneration policy

The board members enjoy no financial benefit arising from exercising their duties. Incurred costs may be reimbursed. The board may issue guidelines for the reimbursement.

Annual report 2019

Read our reports over the year 2019.

Jaarverslag 2019

Jaarrekening 2019

Annual report 2018

Read our reports over the year 2018.

Jaarverslag Favela Street 2018

Jaarrekening Favela Street 2018

Annual report 2017

Read our reports over the year 2017.

Jaarverslag Favela Street 2017

Jaarrekening Favela Street 2017

Annual report 2016

Each year (starting 2016) a report will be issued on the activities of the foundation and a balance sheet and income statement.

Jaarverslag Favela Street 2016

Jaarrekening Favela Street 2016