Photographer Sebastian Gil Miranda recently followed the work of Favela Street in Rio de Janeiro to make a photo documentary. Sebastian is a documentary photographer and focuses on humanitarian, environmental, cultural and social issues. He works as a freelance, generating independent and collective projects.

One of the projects were the photo’s can be seen is the The Real Game Collective Photo Project. Real Game focusses on the other side of the coin – or the medal, if you like – the social context, the contrasts, conflicts and consequences of the 2016 Rio Olympics, in Brazil and abroad. The project was conceived as an extension of the Warld Cup, Jogo Bonito, and Off Side Brazil projects, which were made during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It brings together Brazilian and international photographers, with a variety of perspectives and powers of expression, in a single collective project.

Every day during the course of the Olympic Games they will upload pictures and stories, showing the day by day and the previous context of the games, seeking to reach as many people as possible, to show what is not showing and raise awareness.