Director Rocky Hehakaija

IMG_8531 Rocky huldiging 

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Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija (Director Favela Street)

The Dutch Roxanne Hehakaija, better known as Rocky, is a familiar face in the international street football world. As the only female member of the Street Legends, the best street football team in the world. Besides her passion for street football, she has played for ‘Jong Oranje’.  The sport flows like blood through her veins.

“Football has made me into the woman that I am, it has given me confidence and pride. I want to pass this on to young people who desperately need it.

After a serious knee injury ended her career she started a new mission. Empowering young people to become role models with the power of street football. Together with Philip Veldhuis she started the Favela Street Foundation. As a director of Favela Street she is responsible for setting up new projects and partnerships, designing the programs and coaching the young participants.

Besides her role as director of Favela Street she is a frequently asked motivational speaker. In her talks she inspires her audience with her knowledge and stories from the places she worked in and her own life experiences. She is a scout for Nike, responsible for giving young female talents the chance to get sponsor deals to become a better athlete.

Everything she does is about empowering young people with her biggest love, football.