Storytelling at HELP

Past June team Favela Street was back on the grind in Port au Prince, Haiti. Besides giving workshops to the coaches we also joined the HELP (Haitian, Education, Leadership Program) institute. Exchange student Daphnee Charles invited us to share our knowledge about storytelling and of course our own story.


Together with 4 coaches from the local Favela Street team, Tony, Jodler, Mischebah, Wilnis and Edson we worked together with 15 HELP students. We shared the Favela Street Experience story, the power of storytelling and the importance of creating your story for your personal mission. Highlight of the workshop was the moment that the 4 coaches shared their self created story with the students. After sharing their stories they helped the students with creating their story.


This was one of the best workshops for me. I learned practical tools how to create my story with the structure assignment. With this knowledge I can shape and mold my mission and story better than before – HELP student

The workshop showed us how easy it is to connect youngsters with each other through the power of storytelling.