Cindy Milor


I grew up without my father. Before the infamous earthquake on the 10th of January 2010, I was living with one of my aunts but our house was destroyed. We moved to a tent camp in Carradeux, a small village with 11,000 tents.

As a girl without a father, my mom and I had to face huge challenges.. Often didn’t have enough to eat or a place to stay, and going to school became, at some point, a luxury. In my teenage years, I was a determined girl. I always told myself that I would do anything to finish school. With this objective in mind, I took decisions that unfortunately weren’t always right.

As a young,pretty girl searching for money to pay for education, resources often came with indecent proposals. Despite the difficulties I have faced in life, I finished high school last year and now I’m studying Communication. My biggest dream is to work in media and host talkshows.

Where I live, we need to overcome the limitations of poverty together so girls can keep their dignity and be the best version of themselves. No more teenagers should ever have to face obstacles to get their education and especially should never have to become sexual objects in order to go to school.

I want to support girls from Carradeux, inspire them and create opportunities for them to get an education.

Port au Prince, Haiti
Sindy Milor, 1996
Student Communication

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