Screening Street Kids United II: The Girls From Rio

On the 30th of November team Favela Street organized a screening in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, from their documentary Street Kids United II: The Girls From Rio. The documentary  is a film about a life-changing experience for a group of girls from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, the Favela Street Girls, who are chosen to represent Brazil during the Street Child World Cup 2014. The girls, who have faced crime, violence and social problems during their lives, and their coaches (Philip & Rocky) work hard to become a winning team. Their journey to the unknown finally rewards them with much more.


Around 100 Favela Street Supporters watched the film and spoke with Favela Street Girls trainers Jessica and Dryka on Skype. We had an incredible evening with so much love. We want to thank everyone for coming out and showing us support.

Click here for pictures of the screening, made by Sabine van Wechem.