Peace Prize Award for coach Wilnis

This week the final football for peace event took place at the Cite Soleil Peace Prize 2018. This was the celebration of 6 pre-tournaments in different communities with workshops about peace building using the Favela Street methodology.

All the players from different communities mixed and played together to show unity in Cite Soleil. Both girls and boys showed their skills and were having a great day.

 Last year we helped Ekip Favela Street Ayiti to organise the tournament; however, this year they took it up themselves and created successful days of football around the Peace Prize. Along with the tournament they organized a special diner for all the players and their coaches. At the end of the day, they had a special moment on stage where they celebrated the tournament and talked about their achievements. We are very proud to see the growth of the Haitian coaches. They are a great example of the spirit of Cite Soleil.

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One special surprise was the Peace Prize Merit Award for coach Wilnis Joseph. He received the award for his continuous effort to improve his community in Cite Soleil. He is a true role model and inspiration for many people.