Jessica and Dryka in Cambridge

Favela Street Girls trainers Jessica and Dryka from the Rio project stayed for 10 weeks in Cambridge to study English. Thanks to Street Child United the girls were given the chance to personally develop themselves.

After these 10 weeks they received a certificate, Jessica is now at level 1 and Dryka at level 2. To celebrate their amazing achievements, Philip and Rocky travelled to Cambridge to meet the girls. They spoke about their future goals and how Favela Street can support them. It’s very important to keep on supporting these girls, so they can grow even further in being a role model for young girls in deprived areas.


After their stay in Cambridge they travelled to London for the Street Child Summit. They spoke about their accomplishments with the Favela Street Girls and the importance of the project. As a big surprise Street Child United unveiled an astonishing mural from Jessica in the centre of London.

The girls are traveling back to Rio and Favela Street will continue to support them.

Mural Jessica 1