Favela Street Haïti 2015-2016

Haiti 2016
In July 2016 Philip traveled back to Port au Prince to look at our FS-trainers and to give their work a new impulse. He organized workshops about self-reflection, motivation and storytelling and visited other communities to organize football activities with the youngsters.

Read the full report here: favela-street-goes-back-to-haiti-july-2016

Haiti 2015
In 2015 Favela Street started a new project in Port au Prince – Haïti.
In the beginning of 2015 team Favela Street went to Port au Prince to explore the possibilities and to do research.

Sakala a local project in Cite Soleil and UNDP were selected as partner after the exploration phase.

Recap video exploration phase.

In July 2015 team Favela Street went back to Haïti to carry out the Favela Street Week at Sakala.
13 youngsters between the ages of 16 and 25 participated in the workshops. They learned how to independently organize football activities for their community. In addition they learned important leadership and peace building skills. After the workshops we co-organized a two-day tournament for the kids from Cite Soleil. Over 500 girls and boys participated in the tournament. To complete the Favela Street Week the brand new trainers independently organized another football tournament in a different part of Cite Soleil. In one day over 200 girls and boys played football and had lunch together. Another success for the trainers of Sakala. After they finished the program the trainers received the Favela Street Week certificate.

Recap video implementation phase.