Favela Street Kòrsou is here

Favela Street Kòrsou officially kicked off.
This week at high school Maris Stella VSBO in Montaña a stunning number of 25 young men and women from over the whole island joint the Favela Street program. The coming two years they learn how to be a positive football coach to their peers, how to organize football activities in their community and develop themselves on a personal level.

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The  first phase of  the project is all about teambuilding. The young people come from all over the island, from Barber Abou, Marchena, Scharloo, Montaña and more. They have two important things in common; they love football and they want to make a positive change for the island. To make sure that everybody feels accepted and part of the team we focus on the mutual connection. We also make our  first steps with organizing football activities.

On Saturday the 27th of April you can find us in Scharloo from  9:00 – 11:00 for a football tournament and on Saturday the 4th of May the minister SOAW Hensley Koeiman will officially kick-off the program during the Favela Street football event in Montaña Abou.

Do you want to support, join or have any questions about the project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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