Favela Street Connects students and refugees

All around the world refugees are seeking asylum due to conflict and persecution in their own countries. Many have made their way to the Netherlands, where they have been housed in asylum centers. Unfortunately our country has been divided between those who believe all refugees should be welcomed with open arms, and those who believe that their arrivals represent an existential threat to the future of this country.

As an organization we believe that the only way to eliminate fear, one must find a way to connect on a basic human level. Therefore our organization created the Favela Street Connect program. The intension is to create a safe space, share and connect.

So on the 5th of February we invited a group of young refugees from the AZC in Velthoven, to meet a group of local students from the ROC TOP in Amsterdam.

Together they participated in the FSC workshop at the Amsterdam Arena, where they got the opportunity to share their personal stories, participate in physical activities and break bread together. In closing all participants met on the field for a friendly football match led by Johnny de Mol and ex-professional goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar.

To say this was a success is an understatement. Once again we have been able to prove that football is a way to unite us all.

A special thanks goes out to the Ajax Foundation, Essel Sports Management, Adidas, Johnny de Mol, Edwin van der Sar, ROC TOP, David Koning and the Amsterdam Arena.

For more information on the Favela Street Connect program, contact us: info@favela-street.com.