Favela Street Kòrsou officially kicked off in 2019 at high school Maris Stella VSBO in Montaña with a stunning number of 25 youngsters from over the whole island. The coming two years they learn how to be a positive football coach to their peers, how to organize football activities in their community and develop themselves on a personal level.

The program runs for 2,5 years and our goal is to create a new generation of role models with the power of street football. These young role models will organize football activities in their communities. And in our personal development program they learn more about their talents and potential and how to use this to make the best out of their lifes.

The young people come from all over the island, from Barber Abou, Marchena, Scharloo, Montaña and more. They have two important things in common; they love sports in particular football and they want to make a positive change for the neighbourhood. To make sure that everybody feels accepted and part of the team we focus on the mutual connection. We also make our  first steps with organizing football activities.

Because of COVID-19 the program lasted longer than expected. In July 2021 we finalised the program with a Storytelling Camo sponsored by Marriott Beach Resort Curacao. Fourteen of our coaches graduated at the final event Kòrsou Stories.