Champions once again

In 2014 the Favela Street Girls won the prestigious Street Child World Cup in Brazil. Four years later, ahead of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, the Street Child World Cup landed in Moscow and …they did it again! The girls from Rio won the Street Child World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Just like four years ago the girls are from the Favelas of Rio, some of them also played in 2014, but for many of these girls it was their first time traveling abroad and playing on an international football tournament. What makes it even more special was that they are trained and coached by Jessica and Drika, who played an important role in the successful team that won the Cup four years ago in Brazil. 

Jessica and Drika, were coaches and trained with the Favela Street methodology. They continued working with the children in Complexo da Penha and kept the legacy alive from  ’the girls from Penha’. They started their own project called Familia Caracol supported by Street Child United. Coaching, training and preparing a new girls team from Rio, is one of a long list of opportunities and challenges that enriched their lives. And again these girls step out of their comfort zone, make international friends and are rewarded for what they accomplish and feel they are somebody. As role models they represent the message that it’s important to dream and set goals. 

 Back in Rio with their families they look back to an incredible achievement and be an example for the other kids in the community. Maybe one day they also can achieve something this big, because if you are a girl from Penha anything is possible.

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